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Kirk Huyser has 49 years experience, 37 years doing business as HESI.

By Client (major projects only)

Eagle Valley Clean Energy
ControlLogix / Wonderware HMI control systems upgrades for 13 MW wood fired power plant.
City of Aspen Municipal Water
Engineered standby power system for Tiehack and Meadowood pump stations.
Harry L. Oswald Generating Station
PlantPax (ControlLogix/FactoryTalk) automatic generation control (AGC) programming for 548 MW plant
City of Omaha Municipal Water
Commissioned Synergy Engineering secondary resistance controller (SRC) connected to wound rotor of 1000 hp, 2300V pump motor for controlled acceleration.
Sierra Energy FastOx Gasification
Commissioning support, PLC programming, and HMI screen development on Rockwell PlantPAx (ControlLogix, FactoryTalk) DCS at Ft. Hunter Liggett Army Base.
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Commissioned Synergy Engineering secondary resistance controller (SRC) connected to wound rotor of 600 hp, 12kV dewatering pump motor for controlled acceleration.
American Municipal Power, Ohio
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC and Citect HMI control systems development for addition of Synergy Engineering 14-step starting motor secondary resistance controllers (SRC) for W301 combustion turbine/generators at three sites.
PTW Energy Services
Arc Flash Analysis for Koch Exploration and Production White River Dome facility, DCP Midstream Anderson Gulch Gas Compressor Station, and Laramie Energy Gas Compressor Station.
American Gypsum, Bernalillo, NM
PLC-5/HMI programming for stucco conveying; Yaskawa VFD wiring design and PLC interface; ControlLogix PID controllers programming for chilled water system; Yaskawa VFD drives configuration plant-wide.
Tri-State Generating Station
Electrical engineering, specifications, and design for vertical turbine pump installation. Also performed engineering services for Colowyo, a Tri-State company, to meter and remotely report, raw water flows to their coal mine.
Pyramid Corporation
Arc Flash Hazard analysis for Kobe Water Storage facility; Single line diagrams, fault current analysis, and hazardous area classifications for two natural gas production facilities.
MPA Consulting Engineers
Electrical engineering, specifications, and design for natural gas production wastewater processing facilities and sodium bicarbonate materials handling.
SGM Engineers
Wastewater electrical review and Fire Station design review; Electrical engineering and design for various commercial and residential projects.
Shale Tech International
Electrical design and engineering, Shale Oil Retort upgrades and new R&D project
Solvay Chemicals
Electrical design and engineering, plant upgrades
Control Systems Integration and ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance, gas fire combined cycle generation
American Gypsum
Control Systems Integration, wall board plant upgrades
Doyle 1 Power Station
Control Systems Integration and ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance, gas fire peaking station
American Shale Oil
Hazardous area classifications and electrical testing
Pitkin County
Electrical design and engineering, jail upgrades
Electrical design and engineering, natural gas production
MPA Consulting Engineers
Electrical design and engineering, various petrochemical and mining projects
Balkan Energy, Republic of Ghana
DCS Controls Troubleshooting, barge mounted power plant
Electrical design and engineering, man-camp
Climax Molybdenum
Electrical design and engineering, molybdenum mill
Henderson Mill
Electrical design and engineering, molybdenum mill
Redbud Energy
DCS Controls Tuning, combined cycle power plant
Technical forensics and evaluation of emissions monitoring, 11 cement plants
EGE Itabo, Dominical Republic
Controls tuning, on-site and remote, coal fired power plant
Sithe Energies, Independence Station, Oswego, NY
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix and Modicon PLCs control systems integration for water sampling, substation monitoring, DCS interface, and Wonderware Historian.
Sithe Energies, Independence Station, Oswego, NY
Y2K Project Manager
Sithe Energies, SSamutprakarn Cogeneration Co., Ltd, Thailand
Consulting Engineer: Instrumentation and controls design review for the 120 MW Bangpoo Energy Facility
Greeley Energy Facility
Replaced Bailey OIUs with Wonderware InTouch HMIs and interfaced to Bailey Infi 90 DCS. Installed Wonderware Historian and developed energy report.
Operational Energy Corp., Burlington, VT
Controls Engineer: Configuration changes and additions, systems integration, loop checks, HMI modifications, logic and controls verification, tuning, CAD drawing changes, and tag database for Bailey Infi 90 DCS with LAN-90 PCView HMI and Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 and 5/04 programmable controllers. Installation and development work on Wonderware InTouch HMI and Industrial SQL Real-Time Database Server and Client Tools.
Trans Alta Energy, New Zealand
Owners Rep / Startup Manager, 125 MW Southdown combined cycle power plant in New Zealand.
Sithe Energies, Greeley, CO
Consulting Engineer: System Stablility Analysis report to Public Service Company of Colorado; update electrical distribution drawings; modifications to Bailey Net 90 DCS controls.
Sithe Energies, 1000 MW Independence Station, Oswego, NY
Owner's Representative during construction and commissioning: performed design review of electrical and control systems; enforced specifications compliance; wrote specifications and administered work for data acquisition systems and network interfaces; liaised between owner and contractor for startup activities.
LG&E Power Systems, Rensselaer, NY
Startup Manager, combined cycle power plant
Sithe Energies, Oswego, NY
Consulting Engineer for design review of P&ID drawings, control systems, and electrical distribution at the 1000 MW Independence Station.
University of Colorado
Control systems troubleshooting, gas fired combined cycle power plant
Zurn/Nepco, Batavia, NY
Distributed Control Systems commissioning: gas fired combined cycle and simple cycle power plants; wood gasification project
Hydra-Co Operations Inc., Imperial, CA
Control systems integration for remote data acquisition and remote troubleshooting, biomass power plant
Duke/Flour-Daniels, Solvay, NY
Control systems troubleshooting and tuning, pulverized coal power plant
Sithe Energies, Stockton, CA and Oswego, NY
Control systems troubleshooting and configuration, FBC coal fired cogeneration plant
Owners Rep, 1000 MW gas fired combined cycle power plant
General Electric, California
Control systems commissioning/tuning, 3 wood fired and 2 combined-cycle gas fired power plants
Babcock & Wilcox, West Enfield and Jonesboro, Maine
DCS Controls tuning, 27.5 MW wood fired power plants
Midcontinent Coal and Coke
Energy use study, coal mine
Startup/Commissiong, 8 wood fired power plants, 6 in California, 2 in Maine.


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